Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Worcester School Committee Thursday

The regular meeting of the Worcester School Committee is tomorrow night at 7pm at City Hall. You'll find the agenda here. (or not...the page isn't loading. To be fixed)
Up this week:
  • the Superintendent's report is on the dropout rate, which, as you may have heard, went down this past year. The backup has charts and graphs with more information.
  • we've got recognitions for Dr. Leonard Morse for his work as the Public Health Commissioner. We've also got Bank of America coming in in honor of their $50,000 donation.
  • Teaching, Learning, and Student Supports subcommittee report is coming back.
  • a response to a question on summer programs
  • items asking about the special education parent survey, the STEM initiatives, and Poem in Your Pocket day.

1 comment:

Jim Gonyea said...

I hope your presentation on the drop out rate includes a bullet on the economy. There aren't a lot of low skill jobs out there that a high school drop out could easily get.