Thursday, March 17, 2011

Level 4 redesign work update: Report of the Supertintendent

Superintendent Boone: mention that five potential innovation schools/programs were funded for planning today by the state
Chandler Magnet, Woodland, UPCS, Goddard Scholars (and..I'm missing one. We haven't seen these yet. Sorry.)
total amount is $67,000: range from $12,000-15,000

redesign plans: district and school interviews with state
"what we've not talked about is what the district requirements are for redesigns"

district-level practices: substantive part of our pre-submission phase
how do we support instruction? use data?
what supports does central office need to supply so schools can focus on teaching and learning?
"a number of reports" done by the district
Justice Dept. review, Comprehensive Program Review..."clear trends and themes through these works"
"our core business is teaching and learning...develop system so we're best at that"
linking adult actions to student outcomes
principals spending more time in classrooms
Race to the top and wraparound zones: "We certainly need then others to support us" with families and other needs students have.
Role of central administration: "instructional support"
"everything in the school system exists to support teaching and learning"
"how do we break down systems that are compliance-oriented?"

Example given of ELL students who have left the ELL system, but are not up to speed as much as their first-language English speaking colleagues. Still a gap, but a gap of content

"alignment, coherence, and the focus" a level of independence to develop their school-wide focus

align systems to move the system forward

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T-Traveler said...

the 5th one is Goddard School of Science & Technology. who would give them moreautononmy after last years debacle?