Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stakeholder groups

We're now getting presentations on the stakeholder groups of (first) Chandler Elementary and (second) Union Hill.
As Chief Academic Officer Mulqueen, who served on both groups, points out, the recommendations from each school's group are different, 'though in both cases they, per the law, provide for non-academic as well as academic needs of students. As Tim Garvin just said, "Schools can't do it alone."
In both cases, the recommendations reflect the 13 essential conditions prescribed by the state.

I also should point out here that we do not (as most districts do not) have the time to submit and get our plan accepted by the July 9 due date for the School Turnaround Grant, so the schools will not have the $500,000 (or more) for this year. Those funds will not be available to Worcester until next year. There will be bridge funds avaliable to us for this year, and then (once we apply and are accepted, which is not automatic), $500,000 or more avaliable a year for the three following years. Miss Biancheria is asking for further clarification on this issue.

The superintendent takes these recommendations, designs her plans, and will submit her turnaround plans (note the term change) to the stakeholders, the School Committee, and the Commissioner within 30 days. In this case, Superintendent Boone says she will be presenting her turnaround plans to the School Committee at our July 22 meeting.

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