Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ed Reform at 17: audience questions

opens to questions from the audience: Mark Bilotta from the college consortium
wrap-around services: have you seeen one "both systemic and sustainable"
PBIS program, cites Baehr (positive behavioral intervention system)
Boston Connects program (out of BU)
looking at secondary models, as well
Boone recognizes support from state DESE for Level 4 schools
"how will we benchmark the success of our wraparound services?"

Ted Coghlin, the major supporter for the Tech school: professional demands for teachers for those coming in for vocational ed (some basic classes that they have to take, that can't be waived for anyone), recognizing large numbers of retirements coming up
Boone mentions that she has a PhD from an acredited university but still has to take the Mtel writing test (to audience laughter...)

Antonucci says that education is not seen as a career that people want to go into; cites "teaching bashing in the media," accountability, lack of resources in education
Antonucci says "bottom line, it's all about students"
"it's not easy, we'll get criticism, it does take time and it does take resources"
Antonucci says that the foundation "works very well, if it's funded" (most of us on School Committees would disagree)
"we're all committed to the same thing"
"seventeen more years of hard grinding work"

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