Thursday, September 3, 2009

Superintendent's report

a very smooth school opening, says Superintendent Boone.
Some class sizes are large, some bus riding and transportation adjustments
She's asking that everyone be patient for the next few days as levels stabilize, then adjustments will be made.

As for the realignment (is there a problem with the word 'reorganization'?)
"moving toward a performance-based culture"

Focusing on four areas as a district:
  • teaching and learning
  • research and accountability
  • human resources
  • finance and operations
Quadrant managers now report to CAO, as does student support, staff and curriculum development, and special ed. The CAO is the "teaching and learning" section. English Language Learners is now under here. Head Start also under here now.

Initial concerns for the district:
  • 3 and 4th grade literary
  • ELL
    21st century skills
  • and dang, I'm sure I missed one there (she only said them)

A bit of discussion here on having the Head Start curriculum aligning with the WPS, connecting the Head Start to the rest of the curriculum, likewise federal programs, including Title 1

we're on page 4 of the annex here.

Parent Information Center under manager of student support services (page 5), as that's the intake

On to the CFO (page 6), nutrition, plant, transportation, information tech, all under operations (maybe it should more legitimately be called the COO office?) .

Federal Programs, a boggling list of "title" programs (page 7)

Plant Manger remains the same, but reports to what she's just called the "Chief Financial and Operations Officer" (CFOO?)

CRAO (Chief Research and Accountability Officer) which was one of those just introduced. Program evaluation and implementation is something that's been identified as something to be addressed. Comprehensive accountability system and school improvement plans are part of this person's purview.

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