Thursday, September 24, 2009

More on Reville, charter schools

Rising to the defense of Secretary Reville today is the editorial page of the Boston Globe:

CALLS FOR the resignation of state Education Secretary Paul Reville over his handling of a charter school application in Gloucester are grossly out of proportion with his actions. Reville badly embarrassed himself and the Patrick administration through a careless Feb. 5 e-mail urging approval of a charter school in Gloucester. Even so, it would be a huge retreat for education reform in Massachusetts to jettison Reville for this misstep.

The comments make for telling reading:
Do you really feel the Boston Globe has any credibility whatsoever in this matter? If there is such a thing as a right to pontificate, you have lost it.

Secretary Reville did what he did--bowing to political pressure rather than formulating education policy on the basis of the merits, on he knew was best for kids--because he feared being bludgeoned by his "moderate allies," namely, the Boston Globe and the Boston Foundation. (Presumably, the Pioneer Institute is counted among his immoderate allies). We have it in his own words, in the email you prematurely removed from your web site.

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