Thursday, September 3, 2009


Monfredo: doesn't like Safety Officer reporting to anyone under the superintendent. In fact, he's suggesting that the change not be made this year. He also says there's been inadequete transparency in the Title 1 budget, but maybe this will get better with the Title 1 being under the CFOO.

O'Connell: largely likes being kept up to date. Pleased she's making changes already. He suggests a year-to-year monitoring. He has similar concerns to Monfredo (and he's basically saying that he's had lots of experience with this, more so than Boone), raising the stabbing at South High in the late 80's. "We really have much less difficulty and a much more ordered environment" than many urban districts. He also wants a solid line to the superintendent..order..urge report. He also would like the director of special education report directly to the superintendent (referencing here special ed parents, of whom two, the co-chairs of SpedPAC, are here, as they often are).

Bogigian : vital position, day-to-day contact, split-second decisions, can't go through another person, "that's the way it has worked for years" and he again brings up South High School

Mullaney : wants first to know if they're voting to approve this or if they get a say, in fact. She thinks it's a reasonable number of people under her purview. Thinks not having safety under her is fine. Doesn't agree on special education, either. Thinks he's the equivelent of the quadrant manager.
And this is for informational purposes: they don't get a vote.

Foley: coherent, consistent, thinks having a limited number of people reporting to her is good, "I'm okay with that" We're making progress

Hargrove: also praises the report

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Neil and Joan said...

John Monfredo received every answer he requested when it comes to Title I. He needs to stop living in the past when he used to take title i funds to go on trips with his wife. During the last 8 years there has not been one audit exception to Title I.