Monday, September 28, 2009

Rethink Learning NOW

I've just gotten something from the Rethink Learning NOW site, which is asking people to submit their own stories of "what powerful learning environments, highly effective teachers, and a fair and equitable public school system actually look like."
The prompts:
Learning, Teaching, Fairness
  • Share a powerful personal experience in a learning community. It could be a club, a church group, a school experience, a course, or something else. The only criteria are that it was a positive experience and real learning occurred.
  • Who was your most effective teacher, and what was it about that person that made him or her so effective in helping you learn?
  • To ensure that every child receives a high-quality public education, does the federal government need to make the equal opportunity to learn a constitutional right? Or is there a better, less drastic alternative toward ensuring fairness that policymakers should consider?

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