Wednesday, September 30, 2009

League of Women Voters Forum notes

Sorry: no liveblog, as I was a bit busy during the forum!

Every candidate got to make a 1 minute opening statement and a 1 minute closing statement. In the middle, two candidates were given a minute each to address a question. Those questions were on the following (excuse the note form):
  • a longer school day/ a longer school year
  • health care during school time
  • parent involvement
  • drop out rate and how to answer it
  • procedure for removing disruptive students from the classroom
  • staff reflective of the cultural diversity of WPS students?
  • NCLB: how does Worcester measure up?
  • role of charter schools
  • more students studying math and science
  • role of school nurses
  • current school library sources and changes
  • healthy physical environment and avoiding sick buildings
  • superintendent and school committee working together
  • drug policy and drug education
  • preparations for H1N1 flu
  • meet or should meet the needs of higher achieving students
  • any changes in the billigual education program?
  • ROTC in high schools: pro or con?
  • request for censorship of books: how to handle
  • inclusion classroom policy: meeting needs of all?

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