Tuesday, September 8, 2009

CPPAC with Boone: caring adults nuturing children

This is how we make decisions on how we nuture children.
These (the aforementioned list) are the things we try to perpetuate in the WPS.
What do we need to do to make sure every children has a nuturing, caring adult helping close those gaps?
President's message: he said, find that caring adult that will help you meet those goals when you meet those obstacles.
If we don't do right by our children, what's going to happen to us?
Wants WPS to be the schools of choice
At developing budget: we have to be preparing our students for glaboal responses beyond this economic stituation.
"I am determined that even in the midst of this economic situation not to reduce Worcester Public Schools to a minimalist education" (to a round of applause)
(not cutting gym, science, library, arts)
Have to do more than value public education...have to support it.
If we don't have arts in our schools, what will happen to our community arts programs?
Parents who are there because they choose to be there...want parents to choose to put their kids in WPS.
"Why should we give away our right to educate our children?"
Very low teacher turnover: teachers come and they stay here
"build on what's already good in the Worcester Public Schools"
"Build on what this city offers...city of seven hills...stand on top of one of these hills and say we are the greatest system in this Commonwealth and in this nation"

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