Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tomorrow's School Committee retreat

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 16, the School Committee is spending the day on retreat on the 9th floor at Mass College of Pharmacy at 19 Foster Street. I've heard that it will start at 8; I've heard that it will start at 9; I'm planning on getting there at 8 (corrected). It runs until 3:30, at which point the School Committee is scheduled to have a regular meeting at 4 pm, though I do not see an agenda posted for this meeting.
I will be coming with my laptop, but, alas, the 9th floor of 19 Foster Street does not have wifi (this would have been a great time for a downtown wifi; I'm pretty sure that City Hall's signal doesn't reach that far), so I will not be able to liveblog it. What I will do is take notes, update on who-cester when I can, and keep my Twitter feed up-to-date.
And it's open to the public, of course!

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T-Traveler said...

maybe you can use the registry of deeds wireless from the common fashion outlets-accessible from the worcester common ice rink