Thursday, July 16, 2009

Autism specialist

What are we doing for the services that were provided by the autism specialist (the position has been cut)?
Mr. Foley comments that this was a grant-funded program that was cut. He'd like to see this be part of professional development for teachers in all schools (so it isn't just one person). Will the training happen before the start of the school year?
(hat tip to Dr. Boone who is up in the "big chair" as superintendent (with her own sign) today for the first time)
She says yes, that it is happening on an ongoing basis.
Foley reminds us that there is a "social component" in the requirements under state law.
Quick exchange between Lukes and O'Connell, who wishes to have another motion (for looking at what sort of progress has been made over the course of this year). Okay, he got his motion.

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