Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not-so-liveblog of the Worcester School Committee retreat: standards of practice

Standards of Practice: code of ethics of School Committee
And, ah-ha, the School Committee has one (adopted April 5, 1973; citing a MASC Code adopted in 1964), which is being passed around, ‘though Quinn says he will send some other samples. He says this should be part of assessing the School Committee.
Quinn talks about the Brode Center for Urban Schools: three times, two to four days, for School Committee training: developing board members, urban school renewal, policy development. $50,000. They’re working on this proposal for school districts around the country. “A great growth experience…never heard” anything otherwise. Lukes wants to know how we can apply; she says in going to meetings with other mayors, she walks away thinking “Worcester’s in good shape!”
Mass Association of School Committees, he recommends.
He says that continuity is key: superintendent and School Committee in place (he speaks here about winning the Brode Prize of $2 million; all districts that have won it have had the same people at the top, including School Committee, for 6 years. Oh, and Worcester isn’t eligible because we aren’t a big enough district.)

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