Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not-so-liveblog of the Worcester School Committee retreat: School Committee intros

Mary Mullaney saying she came here today “with a blank slate” (this is her 16th year)
Jack Foley (his 10th year) “focusing our school committee meetings” “strategic, policy-centric”
Dottie Hargrove “passion for public schools” (she’s finishing her first term); she says she’s “new at this, never attended a retreat”
John Monfredo “make sure that I try to make a difference in the community” (after his retirement; he’s been on for four years): he’d like “to look at best practices”
Bob Bogigian (finishing his first term as well) “thought it might be a good thing for me to get on the other side of it” (after working as an administrator)…he owns a small stable of racehorses (who knew?)
Brian O’Connell gets a laugh by saying that he’s at his midpoint in his service on school committee (this is his, count ‘em, 26th year) ; he says he also is looking to coordinate with the superintendent on policies and goals that they set together
Mayor Lukes says that her approach to government is always that of questioning (due to her background); more openness, agenda should be “less public relations and recognitions, and more business related” should look at what they are filing and why they are filing them. Expectations “are not high” due to the City Council (need another retreat on the City Council)…now she’s going into having the retreat outside the city, saying the city is “unsophisticated”…says that having reporters and public there “blogging, taking notes…had a chilling effect on the conversation”
Dr. Boone: “perfect match for my philosophy that we can improve our public education accomplishments”: develop our roles and relationships to improve student achievement; “don’t allow dollars to drive…but make our choices for students and line up our” money accordingly

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