Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boone's entry

Entry: continue with meetings with district and community stakeholders (everyone from district legislatures to editorial boards to fire department to medical community); she’s setting up regular meetings with Mike O’Brien (hooray for that!); she’s also setting up communications, operational, and instructional audits (she’s restructured the principals meeting for the fall; a “leadership institute…to continue to support the leadership capacity” of the Worcester Public Schools. She’s talking about shorter school improvement plans, sometimes we need to take things off the plate (reviewing programs): “how does our district get the greatest return on our investment?”…sustaining the efforts that are making the biggest efforts in student achievement. “how do we sustain our results?” for district priority schools. She’s not looking at cutting positions in her reorganization…”not a system of schools but a school system” Right now there are openings for Chief Academic Officer, Chief Accountability Officer, Principals…”we have to market ourselves or we’re going to lose” children. Looking for budget FY11 and FY12.

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