Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not-so-liveblog of the Worcester School Committee retreat:conversation about communication

Mayor makes a distinction between informational versus substantive information (if it comes out of a meeting, it has to come back in meeting on the agenda, discussion allowed on the floor), there’s also the question of public information (which isn’t much coming up)…information may come out but need further discussion. Mullaney speaks of “lesser items” if one of the goals is streamlining. Mayor is concerned that we use the Friday letter for a substitute for discussion. Monfredo brings up parents following items; public information in meetings (ah, there it is!). Personnel items do not come in a Friday letter as they are public information. (How would one get their hands on a Friday letter? one wonders)…the Mayor says “you might as well send it to the T&G” to which Clive McFarlane responds from the back “we won’t mind.”

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