Thursday, July 16, 2009

Not-so-liveblog of the Worcester School Committee retreat: communciation from the School Committee

Dr. Boone’s list on what she wants from the School Committee on communication:
· Be a good listener to constituent concerns; people want your view and want you to hear it
· Refer employee concerns to the point of the problem and/or their union rep. (avoids having to recuse yourself from a particular matter) Inform superintendent so she can ensure issue is handled properly. “And make sure we are responsive to the school committee around that problem”
· Refer constituent concerns or complaints to the point of the problem, and up the chain, to her, as necessary.
· If you believe it may require a committee policy change or is of a potentially serious nature, let her know right away.
· Information? Ask her office.
· School Committee electronic communications are public record. This includes your editorial comments on information forwarded to other members.
· “Maintain fidelity” to school committee members, policies, standards when communicating with the media. She goes back to the close vote example, wanting them to say “and we’ll move forward” after losing a close vote.

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