Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Board of Ed: regulations on teacher licensure

 also being proposed to go out for public comment
subject matter knowledge through trade exams

Chuang: in some cases vocational teachers are being tested twice
DESE to work collaboratively with the field; look to see which tests might be redundant
Hills: are there any tests that are not state board tests? are any industry tests that would be below ours?
Will be reviewing all to determine equivalency

Sent to public comment

flexibility for licensure

Riley notes extension of what has been done previously
Devine: up 50% of their time in an area in which they are not licensed
long-term sub was 90 days or more required a license or a waiver
does not apply to special education or EL
West asked if we have any data on what this has done to the field
maybe we shouldn't think of this as only an emergency response?
Devine: 15 districts have 10% or more of their workforce covered by this
Wall: will have some data from the emergency licenses
West: take-up has been important in a few settings
not a huge part of what we're doing to support districts through their staffing challenges

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