Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Worcester School Committee meets Thursday

Our second meeting for November is Thursday at seven. You can find the agenda here.
We have a couple of honors, including our Commended National Merit Scholars!
The report of the Superintendent is on assessment, which I assume will involve some additional discussion of what happened at the Board of Ed on Tuesday.
F&O is reporting out.
Mr. Monfredo wants to honor Maureen Binienda.
I'm reporting out on the MASC conference.
We're being asked to approve a prior year payment of $51.18 for mileage and of $9120 for special education transportation.
We're being asked to accept a donation in memory of Shelia Johnson.
We're being asked to authorize the solicitation of proposals for space for Chandler Elementary (our rental agreement with the Y is up).
We're being asked to authorize the Interim Superintendent to act for us with Workforce Development.
Miss Biancheria is asking about transportation safety equipment.
And Mayor Petty is asking that we send back out the superintendent search firm RFP, due to lack of responses.

We do have several litigation, bargaining, and collective bargaining items in executive session at 6.

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