Monday, November 16, 2015

Foundation Budget Review Commission: (how it impacts WPS)

Foley: recognition statewide that the current formula is no longer adequate
is underfunding us
Allen: actual report in backup
important to show impact to Worcester
our findings were those of the FBRC: special ed and health insurance two major findings
in each of the recommendations, recognitions, and possible impacts for Worcester
and we have a PowerPoint which I'll ask for...

  • health insurance $29.1M gap (foundation budget is $30M; spending $59.1M) NOTE: WPS already has changed plans, has already changed contribution rates, has already changed copays and deductables
  • special ed: $29.8M gap (foundation budget $27.1M; spending $56.9M) NOTE: WPS has already restructured 3rd party services; have low out of district; high use of collaborative (lower costs)
due to these gaps
WPS currently has 660 FEWER TEACHERS than the foundation budget calls for
current formula calls for $13M on administration: we spend (WPS side) $3.9M
current formula calls for $31M for O&M; we spend $20M
instructional materials (and technology) calls for $13.7M; we spend $4.5M

for ELL students, differential of $2361 applied to all levels is $5M

on low income, the FBRC has left it largely undefined thus this is based on assumptions, as it has to be at this point
WPS Community Eligilbility is 45.5%; if 80% of CEP enrollment is used, and $2000 per student is used, that's $20M additional 

total: $92.9M underfunded by foundation budget (based on above findings and assumptions)

Foley: refer to Joint Committee
we're not pitting special education or ELL against others: "We must educate all of our students"
funding programs that we are mandated to fund, trying to survive on all sides
"the numbers work"
challenge is where the state is going to find the funds
Ramirez: any way to present domino affect of ELL and ELL with special needs

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