Thursday, November 5, 2015

Public comment: IAs in Kindergarten

Zalauskas, EAW president: speaking on behalf of parents at City View schools
recently experienced loss of IAs in kindergarten
what is the formula for assignment of IAs?
60 parents signed a petition about it
I should note that we have a chart on the number students in kindergarten classes, which is how IAs are assigned: larger classes get them first. City View's kindergarten are 20, 21,21; they have 1 assigned to the building. Borrowing Steve Foskett's photo:

parent: they do a great job there, but they only have one IA who goes from class to class each day
would be a very big help
parent: when we first enrolled her, we enrolled her in first grade and she had to roll back to kindergarten. IA was a huge help to assure her that she wasn't a baby and hadn't done something wrong. Why were they taken out of City View and put in a's something I would like to see back.
Petty: we go through this every year; if we had our way, we'd put an IA in every kindergarten. Importance of early years
our state delegation put Kindergarten grant back in; 20 IAs
63 IAs; 90 kindergarten classes
Boone: "over time...grant has diminished"
state cut Quality K grant in March; do we lay off IAs to balance the books or do we take from elsewhere? Took from elsewhere
share concern
district would need an additional $750,000 to have an IA in every classroom (as well as keep Quality K grant)
challenge when we don't have an IA in every classroom, and try to maintain reasonable class sizes
currently five schools in same predicament with one shared IA
overall enrollment, class size, need of class
Petty offers to go over numbers with parents

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