Thursday, November 5, 2015

sending lease of space out to bid for IB school

O'Connell: space for program at Doherty
"effort not to spend dollars on buildings and grounds unless there are truly other options"
look at other options: suggests facilties we own
this would take a) more space and b) lab space that doesn't exist
"if we can save money here, let's save money here"
Petty: we had a report several months ago that went through all of this
Boone: came back a year ago in the site survey
in advance of the School Committee taking a vote, that Doherty could not house it and we did not have a facility
"I do believe Mr. O'Connell will remember this"
believe this is another attempt to create the high school academy by raising issues of costs
have recieved the support of the city
St. Spiridon has four classrooms: would not accommodate program
"have truly done our due diligence"
"don't think we should look to derail the high school academy"
O'Connell: real issue is with the program
differences of opinion about models; strong support for a gifted program
if administration has looked at the sites, then we send out the RFP

Petty: once we get the RFP, we'll have that discussion

Biancheria: is there a copy of the RFP
Allen: it is not in the backup; if authority is given to proceed, we can provide it in a Friday letter

RFP motion passes on a roll call unanimously

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