Friday, November 13, 2015

ESEA compromise bill coming out

EdWeek has the full rundown ('though the language isn't out yet). For those paywalled out, major points:
  • testing grades 3-8 and once in high school, but what it counts for is up to states. Bottom 5% of schools, as well as those not closing achievement gap, need intervention, but how is up to states. Likewise, while 95% participation in testing is still required, what happens if it isn't met is up to states.
  • while there's some block granting on the federal education grants, it doesn't look as major as it could have been (watch that one); something on the innovation bit, something on the wraparound bit as well.
  • no Title I portability (money doesn't move with kids), though there's some sort of a pilot program (watch this one, too)
  • also no changes to Title I calculations, though some changes to Title II calculations (Title II is teachers)
The projection is that this will be in conference next week, with a vote by Thanksgiving. 

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