Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MASC delegates assembly

A quick summary of the actions at the MASC Delegates Assembly today (you can download our manual, which has the full text of all proposed resolutions, here)

  • Resolution 1, to work for a comprehensive study on high school start times, passed.
  • Resolution 2, to prioritize an agenda for support and services for children in poverty, passed.
  • Resolution 3, to determine where a child's test score counts by where they are on October 1, passed.
  • A "sense of the assembly" supporting a moratorium on high-stakes testing, passed 66 to 42.
  • Resolution 4, to support an equitable and sustainable placement program for homeless students, passed.
  • Resolution 5, to support a tax reform ballot initiative (not cited by name), failed on a counted vote.
  • Resolution 6, to call for a school committee seat on the Board of Ed, passed, as did a call for an end to the MGL that bars school committee members or district employees from serving.
  • Resolution 7, to call for an end of the use of TS Gold student assessment, passed.
The amendments to the bylaws passed unanimously.
Patrick Murphy of Barnstable was elected President-elect.
Beverly Hugo of Framingham was elected Vice President
Devin Sheehan of Holyoke was elected Secretary-Treasurer
...and Jake Oliveira of Ludlow becomes President in January by virtue of his election to President-elect last November.

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