Sunday, September 28, 2014

Watch those endorsements

Within the past twenty-four hours, it has come to my attention that the Connecticut Education Association has endorsed Governor Malloy, and that the Providence Teachers Union has endorsed former Mayor Buddy Cianci.
What the...?
If you don't know about Malloy, Jonathan Pelto of Wait, What? above has the rundown. I think if you're in New England, you're familiar with Cianci's history.
Frankly, I'm horrified by both.
If you're a member of a union, take a look at who is on the committees that make these decisions. I'll say honestly that I was surprised by some of the endorsements offered by the MTA this fall, as well, knowing the voting records of some running for re-election. If your vision from the classroom isn't being accurately represented by those speaking on your behalf...time to organize.

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