Friday, September 5, 2014

Bus incident on Wednesday

If you're on Facebook, you may have seen a video from Wednesday circulating of some kids not being allowed off of a bus. I'm thus publishing here the information we received from the superintendent that evening, which also included notice that one of our preschools had been brought inside as the WPD was investigating a shooting:
We were notified by the Durham supervisor today that one of their school bus drivers was assaulted while dropping off students from Quinsigamond School. Based on what we know at this point:
The driver of the bus was dropping off students this afternoon at the intersection of Harlem Street and Perry Avenue. The driver was attempting to ensure that kindergarten students were matched with the proper parent before releasing them from the school bus. Parents became impatient and insisted that the driver release all the students immediately. When the driver refused, one or more parents started to enter the school bus. The driver informed them that adults are not allowed on the school bus with students on board. They refused to leave and the driver was instructed by the Durham supervisor to close the entrance door . Parents broke the door and entered the school bus. One or more parents went to their child on the school bus and removed them. The school bus driver was also physically assaulted, struck at least two times in the face.
 The driver called by radio to the dispatch office for assistance. The Durham dispatch office called the Worcester Police Department and several officers responded to the scene. An ambulance was also dispatched. Durham sent a safety supervisor and dispatcher to the scene. Durham was instructed to notify Rob Pezzella and Quinsigamond School of the incident.
 The Quinsigamond School Assistant Principal had responded to the scene. We understand that the police investigation is on-going and Durham will be turning over the video recording to the WPD to assist them in their investigation.
We certainly hope that the driver’s injuries are not serious. In both of these incidents, teachers, staff and bus driver took action to protect our students. We appreciate and salute their efforts. We will notify you of any updates regarding the bus situation when additional information is available. That bus stop will be monitored for the next couple of days.

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