Thursday, September 18, 2014

Comments on report

Monfredo: hope everyone sees that our school system continues to move forward
most impressed by positive test scores
schools look fantastic: many others in

and then I asked a whole lot of questions,which I will write up later. The mayor mimed wiping his brow when I finished.
asking that the report be shared more broadly; thank admin for prompt responses to queries as school opened
Could we have the ad that ran on college enrollment? Could it be shared with Council?
Do we have an MOU on One City, One Library yet? No, but making progress (largely due to turnover in WPL leadership)
Do we have a data wall policy? Not yet, but coming soon.
Any policy or guidance on teacher use of websites and such with sharing information about students? Also will be included in that same policy
math curriculum is citywide? Rolling out now, so not all schools as aware as others
science and social studies "half the year for a full year of curriculum"
scope and sequence being worked through; communicating with principals

Biancheria: "acting assistant principals" and non-acting? what's the difference?
Luster: means that they haven't been hired through the process; will be posted in January and then hired
enrollment: WEMS? They increased by sixth grade last year
Biancheria: innovation labs...woven into sixth, seventh, eighth
ELL program: does that advance them further? or is that stand alone?
increasing number of students who are taking AP courses
enrollment of college courses: yes, get them twice a year
at 75% on free and reduced lunch; do we see it increasing? Always fluid
Asks for MCAS information to be sent by paper

O'Connell: 85 teachers to Eagle Hill
secondary class size? Yes, coming
MCAS information coming broken down by school and demographic?
trends, by year, by grade level and by content, and Levels of schools
Is this the first time that we've done an online requisition? Paper until now?
Had been moving there, now there

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