Thursday, September 4, 2014

Questions from the members

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Monfredo: why are some schools using paper for PARCC?
Boone: lack strong technology infrastructure, scheduling
Perda: assessment of all schools readiness for PARCC; comprehensive review of all machines available and of network speed
factored into decision; some preferred to do paper, even if they had the technology to do computer

O'Connell: urge colleagues not to adopt the recommendation
not in the best interest of children, parents, teachers, schools; staying course on MCAS
"children thrive on consistency"
"have the drill down quite effectively...go into test really well-equipped"
instructing in new technology will take away from regular instruction
MCAS gives some sense of somewhat confusing data for parents to figure out how kids are doing
transfer of information "a challenge"
teachers to spend time on instruction with new test; more time lost from instruction
real carrot for using PARCC as hold steady on accountability "safe harbor"
"ultimate success depends on how students are doing"
suggest that our best course at this to hold the course
Boone: we should value the voice of our principals...the idea of the carrot was not the decision on why they decided to use PARCC
standards in the curriculum are the same regardless of the assessment; teaching curriculum to meet the standards, we're not teaching the test

Foley: not a great supporter of the test
full portfolio of assessment is the way to go
"stay with MCAS allows to stay on academics; I'd argue that there's a lot of time in the classroom that'd be spent on academics if we" got rid of these tests
same approach on MCAS
it isn't going to stay the same, regardless; this gives us a chance to test it out
Petty just came in

Novick comments: (this is sorta what I said, but I forgot the keyboarding note. Dang.)

Biancheria: glad to see conversation and decisions made with principals
recommendation for Jacob Hiatt to take PARCC; but a high number of students opted out there
Goddard has 10.4% opt out; but taking PARCC
"not just one test, not just one assessment"
test makes determination of how students are doing
consistency lacking in what is going on with schools (due to state not making decision yet)
"down the road, there might be something else"
"I am at the level of waiting for something else"
which principal (new or last year) made a decision?
Boone: on point of consistency, number of students that were scheduled to tested; this was a sampling
Biancheria: 90% of refusal of students to be tested
Boone: Worcester Tech had students taking industry certification then; some students were taking AP
Perda: student results were not being provided, that's one reason people opted out; also, students taking the field test also had to take the MCAS last year
"I feel that we have two bad choices in front of us"

Petty: know there are some concerns, but we're going to move ahead in the future
passes 5-2
motion to suspend rules- 5-2
motion to reconsider: fails 2-5

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