Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Athletic GPA waiver to adjust? We did that.

It looks as though there's a petition up* around GPA and athletics, or so my in-box shows me. The request is for an adjustment period due the change in GPA requirements for athletics. 
The thing is, though, that we already had an adjustment period around athletic eligibility. Last December, we instituted at two season waiver on GPA requirements for sports; you can find the proposal from administration (which was for a one season waiver; the School Committee expanded it) here. That was done, not because the athletic requirement changed, but because the GPA calculation changed. That GPA calculation change was codified in the handbook changes passed last May. 
The requirement to play fall athletics is to pass four yearlong courses with a 65 or above, and have an overall average for all yearlong courses of a C or above (for the preceeding year).
I know that athletes knew about the proposed changes, because my in-box was busy last December when we were discussing the waiver initially. Thus fall athletes (for whom last year's grades determine eligibility) knew two marking quarters in advance of what eligibility requirements would be for this fall. 
And if you see this sort of thing around, please check in! 

*no link, as is ridiculously spammy.

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