Thursday, September 18, 2014

Athletic academic requirements (supplemental agenda)

Boone: conversations and debates about the calculation of the 2.0 GPA for the district
not a movement away from what has been a standard
had to align calculation with the grading structure
last year there was a one year waiver for a transition to occur
entering this year "faced with a few--very few--students have met all the requirements of participation" of 70 in at least one class
proposal to it allow a one time waiver during their high schools years if they do not meet the C average on all year long courses in the previous academic year. They must have a final course grade between a 65-69
does not apply to students with a 65 cutoff
"will allow students to play this year, and allow them to recover if they have a difficult course"
"students first, then athletes"
be sure that no student misses out on their eligibility
not asking to step away from the 2.0 adopted last year
"once you use it, you have used it"
"only for grades 10, 11, and 12" not 9

O'Connell: appreciate rationale
does it apply for an entire year, if someone wants to play three seasons of sports
Rodrigues: if I'm a tenth grader, and I'm not eligible due to grades, if I use it in fall, then I can't use it again"
Does it apply for the full year?
for winter and spring you have to pass a 65 or better for four year long courses
so this only applies for fall semester; winter and spring are based on the current year courses

Novick: did fall sports athletes know of the GPA calculation? We're not sure that all did
If admin wanted to recommend a full year on last year's waiver, assuming that not all fall athletes did know, I'd vote for that
Not comfortable with the floating "get out of jail free" care to be applied anytime

Biancheria: have heard from parents, how are we getting this across?
Boone: directly communicated to all current athletes, know all coaches were aware, know all principals were aware
should school committee approve, will send to all high school students
will meet with athlete director, principals, coaches: "a strong coach doesn't just maintain" contact during the season
students have to be both students and athletes

Monfredo: motion to review policy in May for recommendation from administration

O'Connell: report from principals

Policy passes and is reconsidered
(6-1, Novick opposed)

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