Thursday, June 5, 2014

WPS budget hearings today at 4

You can find the suggested sequence of accounts (the order we'll take them in) here.
The budget itself is here.

If you haven't seen budget hearings before, they operate slightly differently from a regular meeting, a bit more like a subcommittee meeting (which it technically is, as we're meeting as the Budget subcommittee, which is a committee of the whole). We don't stand to address the chair, and, while all questions and answers still go through the chair, there often is more back and forth.We go account by account, hearing each, regardless of how small (Out-of-State Travel $5000) or large (Teacher Salaries $149,737,163). Keep in mind that several accounts are further broken down beyond their line items, and that many questions stem from there.

In terms of blogging, I'm not going to do a post for every account, but I'll try to be sure the ones with discussion get their own post. 

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