Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today in things that are wrong

From around the web:
  • States that already were funding their schools at the lowest levels are those that cut the most during the recent recession. Also, while Massachusetts is way down on that list, check out the actual numbers: 70.7% of our districts cut per pupil funding, and we're down 6.3% 2009-12 in actual dollars. Worrisome.
  • New York City was going to go with universal lunch, then discovered what we had--that you're going to throw off your Title I funding if you do so. Two things wrong here: 1. this seems fixable. 2. the end of this article has a school nutrition director commenting that her enrollment is down 14% but her reimbursements are up. That has nothing to do with Title I, however: school nutrition reimbursements may well be up, but if her enrollment is down 14%, then the Title I funding for the district is down, as well. 
  • The National Council on Teacher Quality is coming out with another report on teacher preparation and it's probably going to be a mess again
  • The Gates Foundation is now calling for...a two year moratorium on consequences of Common Core testing? Really? 
  • There are thousands of kids entering the US unaccompanied by parents or guardians due to growing violence in parts of Central America. 

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