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Budget account by account: starting at nurses

posting as we go
O'Connell: provides for 51 nurses : is that every school?
Rodrigues: coverage in all schools, yes. Still figuring out where for doubles
some schools will have a half time nurse, and some have more than one nurse
somewhat on size of school and somewhat on needs of students
Novick: concerned about not having nurses in some buildings during half time
also substitute coverage was not increased when we increased number of positions
Boone: all elementary schools have full time nurses
Biancheria: mapping out where nurses are?
Rodrigues: ongoing process; adjustments during the year
Biancheria do we use October 1 numbers for this?
Boone: enrollment is just one factor, then medical and health needs
Rodrigues: fluid data, as student need is known
account approved
O'Connell: at least have school choice to use
changes in the budget configuration
halving varsity volleyball?
Shea: there was a miscoding, should have same as last year
consistent all the way through
Monfredo: could be cut next year if we don't get additional revenue
consider additional fundraising
account approved
Athletics OM
O'Connell: change in other athletic revenue is in Foley Stadium concessions
Allen: depends on weather, other events
now done unofficially through the school nutrition program
due to decline in revenue, looking at the program this year
O'Connell: change in what's offered?
Allen: no, no change. That's just the net proceeds
O'Connell asking for a report on the concession account
Foley asks that it be referred to F&O
Novick: staffing at games, how decided? (WPD)
Shea: all football at Foley, all night basketball, or as needed for safety issues
MIAA dues not going up? No.
rental of rink or pool going up? Shea: rental of rink, 'though they try not to have it go up every year, but there is a major demand for rink time
Biancheria: gate receipts return to the account? Yes.
Stays flat regardless of number of games? Level projected
Boone: is there a way to get a student discount came up at student advisory
Biacheria: look at innovative programs
account approved

Worker's comp
O'Connell: recommending a 42% increase as it represents the actual figure
have made an effort to resolve past claims
hopes for diminished level of expenditures in this account due to effort
Allen: in many of those settlements we were facing cost avoidance
looking where we have been trending these past years including the last month, running ahead of the budgeted amount, even ahead of projected
does recommend increase
O'Connell: if we were looking at cost avoidance
Allen: we avoided having to increase even beyond what's in this account
paying more for active rather than by inactive employees
have been increases in the amount that we've paid, but in every year greater than amount budgeted
projecting $1.5M for this year
would argue that even at this amount it's going to be underbudgeted
O'Connell: would it be worth it to have someone review our process?
Allen: work closely with city's workers' compensation office; can work with them
motion to ask that they interact with city of Worcester on this issue
Novick: this account was appropriately funded at the request of the School Committee, dating back to the first quarter report of the Finance and Operations subcommittee
Foley: can we compare to other communities, as part of motion; not a year with flexibility
account approved
Health insurance
Novick: increase of 7%; is that in line with previous years, though early projections from city were 10%?
Allen: essentially, yes
O'Connell: anticipating layoffs, increasing by 30%. How are costs estimated?
Allen: look at those unemployed by group; then look at past experience, sometimes includes day by day subs
will use savings from people coming off health insurance to fund some of their unemployment costs
no offset for tutors who don't get health insurance (so no savings)
"not an exact number...adjusted in quarterly reports"
spreadsheet based on past experience (some teachers running out to full unemployment, others for not as long, for example)
44 teaching positions 95 total positions being reduced
increase over this year's budget, but not a significant amount over FY14 which was a much better budget year"
O'Connell: "have more experience on this than we wish we had"
Monfredo: if we have a chance that we can call back teachers, do we hold off on sending those letters?
Luster: do make some estimations of attrition, will recall as many as we can
account approved
Educational support
Novick: impact of letting off tutors in MCAS or and literacy
Boone: anticipating changes in state assessment; what are supports need for students
number of interventions for students
Rodrigues: principals are really using after school tutoring; staff staying on for extra help
Biancheria: credit recovery for North being cut?
it's the position, not the program: students will still have credit recovery
Monfredo: further discussion on the credit recovery lab
Boone: did not cut the program, had two different models, but only one school that had a position
works elsewhere without
account approved
O'Connell: losing positions; do we know where yet?
Allen: being done through vacancy so no layoffs
Jeff Martin ( interim Facilities Director, in his first School Committee appearance!)
one at Tech, some high tech floor equipment to help make up difference
Norrback, same thing
1/2 person each South and Sullivan
all changes are nighttime reductions
Novick: assume that there are staffing numbers that are industry standards for custodial: would like to see those in F&O
account approved
custodial OT
Monfredo: wondering, lots of areas of overtime, could we trim off $5000
Allen: contractual manpower, and snow are biggest reason
budgeted at $300,000 below expected expenditures for this year
Biancheria: include events?
Allen: not if building is rented, as that's done through revolving; internal is in this
O'Connell: when were rental rates adjusted?
Tech, North, and Foley have been updated recently; others go back some time, save contractual increases
O'Connell: would be good time to go back and look
Allen and money goes back to individual schools
O'Connell: and could we look at how the funds are allocated, as some costs are borne by school district, rather than by school itself
Allen: recommend referral to F&O, as fee structure can be broken out
account approved
Maintenance service
Novick: changes in staffing (p. 322)
Allen: vacant position; how best to use? adding a plumber was most needed
Monfredo: energy management positions adding: is there a savings?
Allen: have not yet made an action with contract with management company
this budget assumes cost-neutral; until we figure out what has to be in the management
could be change in allocation in quarterly review process
Biancheria: adding positions but still have a contract?
Allen: refer to utilities account, savings in energy management contract
will still have 24 hour coverage, plus contract
alarms directly to them instead of to third party services
Boone: in house and locally
Allen: short term plan is to be at least cost neutral and better response to our needs; long term for cost savings
Biancheria: wants a report in September
account approved
maintenance service overtime:
Facilities OM
Novick: spending 32 cents per square foot on building repair; long term bad plan
custodial supplies has been level funded for years; as a person who buys cleaning supplies, I don't know how this is possible
Allen: has been underfunded since 2002 when the account was cut by $800,000
Novick: need to find $800,000, then
composting came up with Council: discussion with city regarding food composting in Joint Committee (motion approved)
Monfredo: trash removal through city?
Boone: not possible, they don't have the equipment
Biancheria: are there other choices that people have suggestions are in trash removal?
Allen: thinking around improving current level dumpster service; potentially taking food out of dumpster stream would reduce fees
Biancheria: recycling increasing, composting possibly; process for bid; ways for less dollars being spent
Allen: yes, can be included
...Leaving us to begin with Utilities on June 19

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