Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Extremely last minute agenda review

The Worcester School Committee meets tomorrow night and you can find the agenda here (with apologies for the last minute nature of this post; I've been fighting an illness since Sunday).
But first: Back to the budget! We will pick up with the utilities account with the order as found here. We'll run on budget until 6, break for executive session (which, if you look at the end of the agenda, looks sizable), go into our regular meeting at 7 (ish), and then return to budget if it hasn't been completed (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't).
First up, some recognitions: our nurse of the year, Karen Lajoie, is coming in, as is Donna Lombardi, our school nutrition director. We also have some South High students who did well in the statewide storytelling contest.
We've just this afternoon received the Superintendent's mid-cycle review report (it is not yet linked to on the agenda).
Speaking of budget, we have some responses from administration coming back on budget line items (these will undoubtedly be taken up during the relevant budget account discussion, but they have to come back somewhere).
We have a response from administration about bussing the Reach and Challenge students from Fanning.
I've put an item on, being considered by school committees across the state, about state mandates; if five committees pass it, it will go before the state Delegates' Assembly in November.
We have a proposed amendment to the attendance policy.
We are being asked to file all items that are related to the FY15 budget.
Miss Biancheria is asking about the June 3 incident at Worcester Tech, and also about notifying School Committee members know about emergency incidents.
We're being asked to approve five new courses for next year: Advanced Qualitative Reasoning; Dance Conditioning; American Rhythm Tap; Dance for Fun; and Hip-Hop (course descriptions attached to the agenda)., as is often the case this time of year, a bunch of proposed recognitions!

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