Monday, June 9, 2014

The numbers are what they are

If you've been following our FY15 budget, you've probably heard the above said more than once; it's pretty much the comment I'm making in the GoLocal article today about the budget.
It's appropriate in another context from that article, though, which is how I'll use it here. One of my colleagues comments, "There are currently 50-60 administrative positions; I don’t think that many are needed."
Here's the employee headcount (that's page 23 of the budget; you can click to make this photo bigger): 

Try 23.
Unless you're going to cut principals, you don't break 50. And since central administration as a budget item is approximately $2.5 million, an $1 million cut isn't realistic, either.

The numbers are what they are. No need to invent them. 

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