Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Worcester School Committee meets on Thursday

This time for sure!
We've got the entirety of the agenda from the meeting that was scheduled for November 7, with a few new items. You can find the agenda here. 
The report of the superintendent this week is on getting Union Hill out of Level 4 status and continuing with Chandler Elementary in Level 4 status. You might recall that the funding for those plans is now gone. We have three annexes on that; you can find the links on the agenda.
We have both Accountability and TLSS subcommittees reporting back.
Staffing changes are still coming through.
Mr. O'Connell is asking for some clarity on the mailing of BMI letters.
As mentioned by the T&G today, we have several donations to accept or honor, including two for field trips!
We have our quarterly report coming back from the Central Mass Regional Collaborative.
We have a prior year payment of $490 to pass.
We have two items from Ms. Colorio regarding the new PARCC test: one regarding adaptations for special education students; the other pointing out (as did the MASC amendment) that this is an unfunded mandate and asking that this be rectified.
And finally, thanks to those who got the students at South High involved in Memphis. 

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