Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Finance and Operations meeting: security cameras

concern forwarded by Mayor Petty about safety around Jacob Hiatt: security cameras behind building?
Allen: security around Jacob Hiatt, officer placed there due to camera location
will evaluate need for officer going forward
incidents at other buildings; additional cameras at other schools
School Safety Office
no incidents since officer in place; 9-4 each day
officer walks teachers to cars, patrols perimeter, walks students to class at the Y
survey to all principals: basic security features in their buildings to clarify needs of each building
cameras at door, intercom system working both ways: majority of schools have that system, a few more to go
expect that by March,all buildings will
high risk schools to have more cameras (possibly covered in exec)
work with city and City Council with regard to issues of students walking to and from schools safely
security guards at North, South, Sullivan, Tech, Doherty, Creamer (night) and Hiatt
Foley asks for an update in March

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