Thursday, November 21, 2013

Exit plan for Union Hill; Renewal plan for Chandler Elementary

Boone: Union Hill need to assure continuing progress
Chandler Elementary: review turnaround plan, so close that we need only renew plan

Rodrigues: turnaround plan had to implement essential conditions for school effectiveness, including school leadership, aligned curriculum, effective instruction, student assessment, tiered instruction and adequate learning time, and students' needs met.
describe the changes necessary
develop measurable goals
convene local stake holder groups
Redesign: specific data analysis of multiple sources, monitoring site visits, redesign plan with reflection from school leadership for each year
Union Hill: moved up due to student performance gains & due to district support these past three years
  • continue common planning time (30 minutes a day)
  • continue expanded instructional time  (60 minutes a day)
  • retain lead teacher position
  • retain wraparound coordinator
  • continue 30 hours of professional development
Chandler Elementary: local stakeholder group for input on renewed plan, updated plan based on school visit and data monitoring. Focus on areas for improvement:
  • summer professional development on curriculum unit plans for ELA and math
  • professional development on higher order thinking skills and "understanding of rigor"
  • implementation of higher order thinking skills, rigor, word problems in lower grades
  • tiered system of support and intervention
  • weekly progress monitoring meetings with intervention groups
  • monthly communication loop to update teachers on inventions and supports for students
Boone: picking up on aspects of monitoring aspects of support
Novick: query on turnaround committee for Union Hill; they were checked in with more informally
wraparound coordinator report coming in next few months
librarians continuing at both schools (not grant funded, thus not included in plan)
CPI met: disbursement not yet forward to School Committee; expect from money coming back from Spirit of Knowledge's closure

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