Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Quarterly budget transfers

Consalvo: 17% expended or committed
all new FY14 positions either filled or long term sub
projected balance in custodian account: vacancy of second shift custodial supervisor, as well as others
clerical overtime: training for new SAGE
one additional wheelchair bus added
projected balance in health insurance: actual increase did not reflect city projections
personal services: special education, and legal counsel (collective bargaining now ongoing)
being paid for electronical recycling
no transfers recommended at this time

Allen: projects an almost $400,000 deficit
expect adjustments in second quarter
suggest Spirit of Knowledge closure funds may mitigate
making sure students are appropriately classified as they enter

Changes from June: special education services: in district autistic services...fully growth in number of students, was not expected (also some unanticipated out of district placements)
nurses: showing a deficit: working with their staff to appropriately cover
workers compensation "something we really need to think about...to align that closer to what expenses are"

Foley: custodial overtime balances vacancy
demand for nursing rising
special education: managing those dollars
seeing an increase in workers' compensation: ask for an analysis. Requiring physicals pre-employment?

Novick: did not increase number of nursing substitutes when we increase number of nurses? No.
support realistic funding level of workers' compensation
query on utilities: increase of 40% in energy management services: even with rebid of contract
Allen: recommendation coming back from administration for FY15 on perhaps bringing this back in house

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