Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A few notes from the Board of Ed

Largely taken from Commissioner Chester's remarks this morning

  • Chester announces that their deputy commissioner Cliff Chuang is leading a close look at charter schools and how (and to what extent) they serve subgroups (special ed, ELL students), how they handle exclusion (aka: suspensions and expulsions), and enrollment issues. 
  • Chester commenting that "teacher leaders" (I never know quite what that means; I assume he would say 'unions' if he meant 'unions,' though I suppose not all states have them) have approached DoE on MA's system of teacher evaluation. Comment that more left in hands of evaluators rather than dependent on percentage by test score."to work together, to have common goals, to focus on growth and development"..."recognize that it's not an easy lift"   Voting next month on a DELAY on including student piece in evaluation of up to three years
  • DART: following students after graduation. 40% of students in higher ed campuses will be placed in at least one remedial course.
  • remarks from Secretary Malone for the work that the professionals out in the field are doing; "this is hard work"
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