Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the morning commute

This afternoon the Worcester School Committee received the following email from Administration:
As you know, this morning’s commute ended up being worse than originally forecasted.  Based on information available to us early this morning at 4:30 when we need to make a decision (including real-time road conditions and the forecast of the snow turning to rain) we decided not to implement a 2-hour delay or cancel school.  We had school plant crews out early this morning to make sure parking lots were accessible and building custodians worked on walkways.   We were also in communication with DPW about their plowing operations and road conditions.  Most other school districts in the area did not have a delay either (other than Leicester that canceled and some communities south of Worcester). 

The road conditions did present challenges in spots for school buses to reach certain locations, but not any different than other storms in the past.     There were no accidents involving any WPS or Durham school buses this morning.

As this was a difficult storm to forecast, it was also a difficult decision to make this morning.  Road conditions are reporting to be improving for a normal release time this afternoon. 

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