Friday, January 13, 2012

notes from January CPPAC

Notes from CPPAC January 12, 2012
Barbara Sergent presenting on Title I
authorized in 1965 under LBJ: "to level the playing field between advantaged and disadvantaged children"
ESEA is up for reauthorization (note that Title I is part of that)
waivers being offered by the Obama administration, which does affect Title I
"supplemental federal funding for improving student achievement in high-poverty schools"
Title I is school-wide (not specific to particular children)
30 out of 33 elementary schools are Title I schools in Worcester, and the funding is used school-wide at those schools
Title I is used to support: preschool programs, IAs, coaches, literacy tutors, parent liaisons, PD, parent/family activities, supplemental educational services, and instructional materials
all schools were encouraged to offer a Title I informational session, along with a literacy evening
districts are required to offer school choice to students enrolled in a school that has not made AYP; note, however, that if 27 out of our schools are deigned "underperforming," that does not leave much room for movement
Most parents choose not to move their children (this is true nationwide, incidentally)
yearly NCLB report cards are sent home
School compact signed by parents, students, teachers required by Title I
information related to school activities must be sent home in a format and (as practicable) language parents understand
Organizing a Title I parent council: scheduling meeting for February
I asked for a bit more information about this being up in the air today; it seems there's some chance that states that requested waivers MAY (we don't know) have their Title I funds cut. We don't know yet.

Focus on Results working with coaches and instructional leadership team; yesterday's meeting on "authentic literacy"
Is there support for more literacy events? They are being asked to do it, there is funding avaliable
The three schools that are not part of Title I: Nelson Place, Flagg, and West Tatnuck
Middle and high school do not receive Title I funding

some suspicion that the waiver will affect our supplemental education services funding, and possibly (this is not part of Title I) our 21st century schools program

Brainstorming on "community agency outreach priorities"
Worcester Educational Collaborative co-sponsor of daylong workshop on February 4 at Worcester State on the Common Core standards
"what the implications are in those two areas (ELA and math) are for teaching and learning"
"everybody has a role to play to make sure that the kids are successful in school"
"people really wanted to know more about the resources that are available in their community"
WEC suggestion: issue of third grade reading: "a critical benchmark"
Some ideas from brainstorming:
reading a single book citywide
social-emotional development of children
as a parent understanding the role of a teacher
fear of parents who have had negative experiences in school themselves
child development: going back to birth (and before, really) when it comes to parenting, development
getting parents to events: best practices (shout-out to Woodland Academy)
gather opinions from teachers on best practices for parents: no need for it to be adversarial
site councils or PTOs or parent advocacy: expectations spelled out and consistent and available
once you sign up for site council, you should get your training, when your first meeting is, what the expectation is, what the roles are
basic training for parents around advocacy
Parent Academy: advocacy, content, curriculum, school choice
interacting with MASC around training of site councils (Brian O'Connell adds that MASC does other training as well)

following up on Parent Expo: partnering with WEC
looking for a keynote at the Parent Expo: looking for ideas (Common Core?)
working with administration
this year is more about tabling, people circulating around
tables from schools (Doherty's engineering program)
March 31, location TBA

curriculum revision is sitting in TLSS: next meeting TBA
probably coming up in February or March
bringing in community people as a part of the curriculum revision
FY13 budget presentation is at the January 19 School Committee meeting

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