Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Governor's FY13 Budget

I'm sure we'll be getting more analysis as the week goes on, but right now we know that Governor Patrick is proposing $210,364,137 in Chapter 70 aid for Worcester for FY13. That's in comparison with $201,135,279 for FY12.
That's only the state side, 'though: the state has up the summary of contribution for city and state: city's minimum contribution for FY13 is $88,586,175, which is up from $85,772,826 for FY12. Remember, the city's contribution is based on local wealth and tax revenue calculations.
Together, those make up the net school spending amount for FY13, which is $298,950,312; note that number includes charter school assessments (which are also up, and which I don't yet have). That's looking about where our budget update from last week put us.

I will give you more information as I have it.

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