Thursday, January 19, 2012

FY13 questions

mentions lack of agreement by Congress, thus sequestration: significant cuts in federal funds
managed federal funds very well; no major cliff
glad not to see double-digit deficit to start the conversation
slide for instructional costs: static level since FY02
actually a 25% reduction in what we can buy due to inflation
short where we'd hoped to be

three-legged stool
state budget : appropriate share of resources from Beacon Hill
federal government: grants are volatile issue
city dollars from tax revenue: third and crucial factor
"to what extent the School Committee will go to the City Manager and the City Council..."is up to the committee
to what extent does the city truly value education?
"and ask the city that an equible, appropriate share" be allocated to education
beginning of the approach that we must take
MOTION: statement for School Committee: expenses taken on by other similar communities
percent of dollars shared with schools
special education: can we do anything else in-house?

any order on the areas of need? Not as yet
Is Title I in danger? No, part of waiver is flexibility
supporting HR 153

asks for difference between vocational and regular ed student
will come with governor's budget
are we getting more buses? contractual increase plus buses already added this year
no new additional service included
Allen: final number (due to enrollment could include more buses)
savings from outsourcing of painting etc: coming

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