Thursday, January 5, 2012

Common no more

You may have thought that there was a general trend towards commonality in curriculum right; not so, says New Hampshire:

The state House voted 255-112 and Senate 17-5 to enact H.B. 542, which will allow parents to request an alternative school curriculum for any subject to which they register an objection...Under the terms of the bill, which was sponsored by state Rep. J.R. Hoell (R-Dunbarton), a parent could object to any curriculum or course material in the classroom. The parent and school district would then determine a new curriculum or texts for the child to meet any state educational requirements for the subject matter. The parent would be responsible for paying the cost of developing the new curriculum. The bill also allows for the parent's name and reason for objection to be sealed by the state.
Everyone immediately thinks of health class and science class, but the article rightly notes that this could also rapidly get into the phonics/whole language and new math debates.

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