Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Community contribution over minimum

A few notes on the above chart (which if you click on it will become larger), which I thought might be of interest, given today's editorial*:
  • Worcester is at the top, for the purposes of comparision, followed by communities that surround us (where parents may or may not opt for school choice), followed then by communities with which we are sometimes compared. You'll note that no one contributes at the level that Worcester does.
  • Communities that do? Lawrence and Springfield.
  • While there are communities that have fallen off on their contribution over foundation in recent years, they are communities that had a better record in prior years.
  • Several communities--see Northbridge and Pittsfield, for example--have actually stepped up their community contribution in recent years.

*which should include my colleagues Jack Foley, John Monfredo, and Brian O'Connell as co-signers.

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