Thursday, January 6, 2011

Teacher handbook

motion from Monfredo that we have one handbook for teachers for the beginning of the year having all information of things that are sent in
Mullaney asks how things are sent in for teacher absences, in terms of lesson plans.
Boone says we're working towards a single policy manual that has all policies, as discussed at the retreat lead by MASC.
note that Mr. O'Connell has taken the chair as vice chair.
Luster reviews how the teachers call in sick, that they need lesson plans on file with principals, how subs are found, and so forth
Mullaney calls attention to the word "ideally"...asks if it varies with the "forcefulness of the principal" or why there is variety in how this is implemented
asks for more teeth in how all of that is implemented
Luster points out that teachers may well not be as well trained in subject areas as the teachers they're replacing
Boone points out that having good attendance makes all the difference

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