Sunday, January 16, 2011

An invitation not to get

So here's an invitation that I didn't get: it seems that MassInc is hosting "The Gateway Cities Education Summit" here in Worcester on February 4 at the Beechwood Hotel. The description says that it:
will bring together policymakers, practitioners and elected officials towards the shared goal of improving education in the state's Gateway Cities
Well, that would certainly seem to include the elected school committtee for the City of Worcester. And yet, somehow, I certainly haven't been invited!
I suspect somehow it isn't that my invitation has been lost in the mail. A quick read of some of the organizations involved:
  • MassInc
  • Mass Business Alliance for Education
  • Stand for Children
...makes me think that "invitation only" is quite intentional.
Just remember that when you read the write-ups on February 5, eh?

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Anonymous said...

There's a reason for that Tracy.
My pleasure.