Thursday, January 20, 2011

Listening and Learning report

Biancheria asks why we would hold on this information?
"baffles me completely as to why administration would hold on this information without forwarding it to School Committee"
(Mulqueen comes to the table)
"engage all stakeholders with more information"
"well, I hope the poor secretary wasn't working on this for the last six months"
"it would have hit home a lot harder" earlier
"we're ten, eleven months into this, and nothing was given back to the School Committee"

Boone says this information was not withheld from the public (!)
"clearly heard" that parents did not want schools reconfigured away from a K-6 setting

Biancheria: we have people that never attended another meeting
"administration..."may have used this
tell people they're going to get feedback in a reasonable amount of time
"the schools, the parents, perhaps put on the website"
have missed opportunities to put items on the agenda
"express my disappointment that administration did not get this information out to public"

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