Thursday, January 20, 2011

Budget reduction

O'Connell rises to oppose
doesn't object to the administration's recommendation, but "a reduction of our budget by vote of the City Council"
(this is only sort of true)

"a very regrettable and very nefarious draw funds away from the school of the most telling portions of this is in Annex A"
(and we've just been joined by Mr. Allen)
reduced to foundation budget..."the minimum that we're entitled to be given"
"taking a very aggressive diversion"
"when the city is below that...withdrawing money from us"
"legally proper, but not morally proper"
"something we need to emphasize and should emphasize" to the Council
Medicaid...grant funding on a "flimsy pretext"
"a highly dubious rationale for doing so"
"I don't want this to be an issue of 'us versus them.'...we have the same interest that the city does in having programs operate....we would be very reasonable in not looking for more than the foundation budget"
"not only unfair, and ultimately a hostile attack...on the children of the City of Worcester"

The mayor says that your objection is primarily to the money that is taken from the city.

Mr. Allen: the budget has already been reduced by the City Council.
changes are "an actual loss of charter school funding" from the STATE to the City
the city's contribution is the same thing; the final state budget reduces the city local contribution by $75,000
that funds us at the minimum local contribution, as the city has done historically
We had intended to carry those funds forward to next we'll have less to carry forward
"this isn't something out of the ordinary...we do this every year"

Mayor O'Brien "we are entering clearly unprecidented times...both the city and the schools are going to be under the most intense financial pressure...would caution, strongly, that we don't serve the public by raising the rhetoric...painful cuts on both sides this coming year"
capital funds doubled for this coming year
five year plan for capital spending
"I do think we need to have a more positive, constructive, engaged conversation...motion to set a meeting with City Council...sometime in March"
calculations and transfers of money are pretty complex
asks for a document outlining where the money goes back and forth (from and to city and schools)
"would caution folks as we go forward to be as positive and engaged as possible"

Monfredo: getting some joint meetings
"I just don't think they're listening..."
Head Start losing money on the city grant percentage

Foley: O'Connell's remarks are the beginning of the FY12 budget process
"charges are appropriate and fair"
Head Start costing more than $100,000 next year (in grant funding to the city)
MOTION: analysis of the city foundation budget (including credits)
"let's take a look at what they are exactly"
"what's an appropriate charge"

Novick asks Allen why the charter reimbursement went down
the state doesn't figure in transportation in the House budget; they never corrected it
in other words, they put in a zero and THEY NEVER WENT BACK AND CHANGED IT
and now, it's costing us $314,616

O'Connell:being ignored
"will be read that we're satisfied with the minimum the city gives to us"
"we can't get whacked twice"

Mayor: "it's going to take a lot of work...some tough conversations"

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